How to Manage the Sales and Use Tax Audit Process

Have you been notified of a sales tax audit?

More often than not a sales use tax audit is an opportunity.  

Many of our clients find that they have overpaid more than they have underpaid.

Which means that an audit actually leads to a refund.

But the auditor is really only looking for underpayments not overpayments and will likely find what they are looking for in some corner of your invoices.

When we look we find overpayments… these cancel out what you owe and may even lead to money back in your coffers.

The best part is this: once the state opens up the audit process they oblige themselves to act more quickly on the refunds.

So we find that our clients end up better off as a result of an audit… they are surprised when they receive money back that they weren’t expecting and more quickly.

Capitalizing on this opportunity 
takes expertise.

Sales and use Taxes is all we do. We have been getting refunds and defending audits for 20 years.

We know where to push, where not to push and what arguments work when.

Sales and use taxes are confusing, ambiguous and difficult to manage, but we have the capabilities to find you money that you didn’t know existed.

We only charge a fee when we make you money, and we can take advantage of an audit to get you money faster!

So lets get started today.


Auditor contacts you.


You bring us in and we help you determine what to submit and how to engage the auditor.


We review as the auditor reviews, finding overpayments and opportunities.


We review with you the opportunities we find - you decide what to pursue what not to pursue and what you would rather do yourself.


We negotiate with the auditor together with our client, using overpayments to cancel out money owed and possibly securing a refund.