How We Work and What We Need to Get Your Money Back

Sales and use tax laws are vague, ambiguous and complicated.  Navigating them and ensuring that you are not overpaying is almost impossible.

At FMCC we do nothing but state and use taxes we know how to classify your payments correctly, know where to push  in the gray areas, and know how to file for refunds.

We are respected by the state and our clients:
We win 88% of our reclassifications because the state knows what we are talking about.

Working with us is easy:

You give us access to your documents and we see how much money we can recover for you. We never charge anything until we have recovered money from the state or vendor, and then we just take a commission.

We guarantee that we don’t make money unless you are better off, either more cash in your account or less money owed.

Even better, process requires very little effort from you: you just point us in the direction of your documents and our team goes to work.

Based on your documents and what you have submitted we come up with a plan for how we can recover money that you overpaid to the state.  Once you approve that plan.

We manage the entire process, all submissions, all hearings, all interactions.  

Only once the state has issued a refund do we receive our commission.

We finalize our engagement by providing you with a report and a seminar to teach you how to avoid overpayments in the future.  We also make ourselves available to answer any questions on an ongoing basis at no cost.

1-3 Days

Our team arrives and copies relevant documents

2-3 Weeks

Our team analyzes the documents

We submit schedules, refunds petitions to the client for approval

2-6 Months

We submit all documentation, attend hearings, manage process

You receive a check from the state

We conduct a seminar, provide a report to help you avoid overpayments in the future.