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  • 100 million investor owned hospital – $1.2 million refund
  • $20 Billion National Healthcare Company – over $30 million in sales/use tax refunds
  • $300 million professional Sports Franchise – over $800,000 sales/use tax refund
  • $600 million in annual revenue retail bank – over $500,000 sales/use tax refund
  • $50 million in revenue mortgage insurer – over $200,000 sales/use tax refund
  • 300 bed 5 Star Hotel – over $400,000 sales/use tax refund
  • $2.5 billion electronic component manufacturing – over $600,000 sales/use tax refund
  • $100 million casino – over $200,000 sales/use tax refund
  • $150 million convenience store chain – over $300,000 sales/use tax refund
  • State Hospital Network consisting of 6 hospitals – over $22 million in sales/use tax refund


  • $500 bed luxury hotel – turned $200,000 sales/use audit assessment into $300,000 refund ($500,000 net financial impact)
  • $1 billion food manufacturer – turned $300,000 sales/use tax audit assessment into $500,000 refund ($800,000 net financial impact)
  • Multibillion dollar commercial mortgage lender – reduced $5 million sales/use tax audit assessment to $1.2 million refund ($3.8 million financial impact)
  • Luxury hotel – reduced $2.1 million audit liability into $100,000 liability ($2 million financial impact)
  • $3 Billion chemical company reduced $800,000 assessment to $150,000 ($600,000 financial impact)

And many others.

Matt Craig, Controller
Chickie’s & Pete’s

“FMCC did exactly what they told us they would do, and they also pleasantly surprised us. They came to our corporate office and went right to work. They did not disrupt or interfere with anybody, and they found us refunds. They handled the process completely from beginning to end and they surprised us with the refunds they were able to identify and recover for us. They also helped us work with our vendors so that they did not continue charging sales tax incorrectly. They were also transparent with what they were doing and would eagerly answer any sales/use tax questions that we had. I highly recommend working with them. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and approachable and they picked up things that we would have never found on our own.”

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